By Caressa Govender – Grade 0 Teacher


Children of Summerhill Nursery School participated in a weeklong activity to increase anti-bullying awareness during the Month of May. This coincides with the Anti-bullying focus week that is being conducted at the Prep School.

The activity was initiated by one of the Grade 0 teachers, Rosa Adonis. “The children at the nursery are still very young and we needed to find a way to make them understand the importance of kindness. Bullying in schools is on the rise and we would like to “bully-proof” our children from as young as possible,” said Adonis.

The children were presented with two apples that were identical in appearance. They were encouraged to treat one with hatred and the other with kindness. Adonis said, “As the week progressed, the one apple became bruised and damaged on the inside by throwing it around. The other apple remained the same.” The apples were cut open on Friday to show that the “abused apple” had bruised even on the inside.

The lesson was well received by the children. Bullying scars you on the inside, even though you may appear the same on the outside. They reflected with sadness and apologized for their harsh words.

Mrs Sonya Toet, principal of Summerhill Nursery, said that it was an extremely valuable lesson that was presented in a way that was simple enough for young children to understand. “The lesson goes in line with Summerhill’s vision of conserving and placing value on all living creatures,” said Toet.

Pictured (from left to right)summerhill-anti-bullying

  • Sonali Dawlall
  • Misha Chetty
  • Jazzmin Paruman
  • Aria Abdoorahaman
  • Kgosi Bogatsu