A-level results: Summerhill College achieves rise in top grades

In the wake of A-level students being awarded the highest proportion of As and A*s since 2012, amid changes toughening the exams in England, how great is it that in our A-level results: Summerhill College achieve rise in top grades.

Summerhill College is part of the University of Cambridge. The University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) is the world’s largest provider of international qualifications for 14 – 19 year olds. Students in 157 countries study the Cambridge International curriculum, through a network of 6,000 Cambridge schools.

Cambridge International A/AS Levels enable tens of thousands of students to win places every year at more top universities worldwide than any other international qualification. Cambridge International A/AS Levels offer a stimulating, flexible course of post-16 study that gives students the freedom to select the mix of subjects right for them.

With these A-level results: Summerhill College achieves rise in top grades and leave with an internationally accredited qualification which opens doors worldwide.



 Kgothatso Rametsi

  • Business Studies
  • Accounting

 Blessing Muranganwa

  • in Geography

Summerhill college also offers offers the IEB Curriculum so in addition to A-level results: Summerhill College achieves rise in top grades in the IEB Curriculum as well.


The “I” in IEB stands for Independent. This means that it is a private agency offering support and input to independent schools who wish to use them for a fee. EB in IEB stands for Examination Board. The IEB offers support in terms of the CAPS curriculum examinations and sets tests and exams according to the CAPS guidelines, as well as memorandums and assessments, moderations and marking groups. It is therefore, a private examination setting and support agency.

An IEB matriculant writes an NSC examination set by the Independent Examination Board – and receives a Matric Certificate from UMALUSI. UMALUSI is the moderator that ensures compliance with the content and questions standards set by CAPS.


Aidan Botha

  • A-  Business Studies
  • A-  English
  • A-  History
  • A-  Life Orientation

Batsirai Tembo

  •  A-  Business Studies- Top 1%
  • A-  Life Orientation
  • A-  Business Studies
  • A-  Afrikaans